Bruno's work is focused on his fascination for what is happening at the junction of two territories or spaces.
This zone defining a boundary, the "in-between" is for him a source of multiple inspirations.
His work includes layers of mixed media such as various techniques of traditional painting and collage of photo-realistic computer generated images. Like a mirror of our time he is trying to blur the limits in between different levels of realities.

In his work, he is trying to lose the boundaries in between digital art and traditional mediums. Each media is better appropriate to express each specific feeling.
Bruno loves to make real what is not, and unreal what is. As a former qualified architect, he has created a vast number of concepts, illustrations and CGIs for all kinds of projects and clients in various countries over the last 25 years. Based in London for 15 years he exclusively became a fine artist in the last five years, although his architectural background is still source of inspiration in his art.

Through his work he always wants to make the viewer wondering what is in front of him, what he or she is looking at? This question is part of the artistic process he is developing with the viewer, the rapport he wants to create.

Through is experience he believes that when a drawing becomes as real as the reality, the degree of confusion and misunderstanding is paradoxically maximum for the viewer. Bruno has decided to play with this idea